Reviews for "Idle Programmer"

slow start, would rather better screen appeal, kind of pointless but overall alright although i wouldnt play it again

The game have a great possibility to be have more things in the line of code of the game:
1) More cash at start;
2) More speed at start, because it's very long to get cash when we start the game;
3) The game need some interaction with the player, some things that move or than we need/can do to help to get more cash.

one and a half star earned because the game does what it says pure idleness .

But 2 big problems completely destroy the "experience" , the first is the start , it is way too slow
most players will stop at the very beginning of the game , the second is the occupations , there is literally no advantage to purchasing occupations , they actually hurt you since the money and the time needed to get the money are upgraded at a 1:1 ratio , you don't actually get any bonuses , but since you need more employees to make up for that time you just end up spending more money to get exactly the same payout as before.

It's an idler, but the problem is it doesn't really idle properly. No ticking up if it's not open, and I could swear it doesn't even increase properly if you're tabbed off it.

I've seen good idlers, bad idlers, and yours. Seriously: too slow, no visual appeal, no interesting feature, nothing.