Reviews for "Idle Programmer"

*Distant sound of me practically thrashing against my keys* Real fun game, very enjoyable time waster while keeping a great idea of just a game!

I don't know if this was supposed to happen, but quite often the progress bar would just stop filling for a random amount of time.

Although a fairly good time waster I definitely think it would be better with some graphics like code showing up on the screen or something

BTW tip to other players if you want to play this game in the background, have it in its own window not in another tab :)

bad idle game which takes too long to progress and ruins your keyboard instead of mouse.

A pretty simple; addicting idle game this one, with a nice twist on how you idle, bu key instead of mouse, and a progress bar instead of a button. Plenty of upgrades; factors of addiction in the interface, and if you get to that stimulated reality mode... things can really go on for4ever and ever and ever! :O The shortcut keys don't seem to be working for me, though. Shift or Ctrl + click does nothing on the employees screen, wonder if I'm missing something with how that works, or: bug? Lack of money should have been no issue (but if it was, a notice would've been nice - overall it would be nice with some more textual feedback on what happens - or doesn't happen - when you click buttons).

Good game, and glad the medals didn't require completing the endlessly stimulating simulated reality mode to get. :) Keep it going!