Reviews for "Idle Programmer"

i got as far as 2 workers and then lost the will to live( haha ). sorry buy id like to use my keyboard in the future. the game could also do with some sound when you hire people etc.

Fun fact: You can learn C++ right away (irl), you don't have to go through the other languages.
Nice game though.

This game can have more potential if you add more things like maybe a hacking area for quick cash, making web adresses, and a few other things. Stuff like that. At the moment though, not as good as it could be.

Not much more to do once you get going. Unlike other idle games this one can be done rather quickly it seems.

Also for those mentioning the start: you can type gibberish to speed it up. Every key press moves it along.

The start is really slow, you have to forget the window open and come back for the money, in this time the game starts. Im very addicted in games of this type, so i managed to get all medals, full c++ programmers and making 100 million per job, nice! Keep going!