Reviews for "Return to the Playhouse"

This series is highly underrated.

I like the theme's/art style of the older videos, since they were more disturbing in a psychological way, rather than a immoral/unethical/gross kinda way, but they change in theme and art style actually expands upon the story of Alfred Alfer.

Before I continue with this review, I should make it very clear that this is all speculation, these are merely observations, explanations, and opinion. I don’t believe that I’m absolutely correct. I also don’t believe that everything is symbolic, because that’s stupid. It’s likely that I’m wrong, but it’s interesting to think about….

I could very well be wrong, but the series seems to have some elements of symbolism, including some things that could be taken symbolically or literally.

The change in art style, from being a bit more cutesy and crude, to being more detailed and disturbing, reflects the change in theme, from being that of psychologically disturbing, to being disturbing in its imagery and themes.

This change seems to be a transition from seemingly disturbing blissful ignorance, such as when he was in the playhouse, to the sick, twisted, harsh brutality of reality, namely his binge of necrophilia and drugs. in the beginning, he had the occasional exposure to harsh reality, but his sudden overwhelming exposure was in "Dead girl strip club," when his hallucinations started getting more and more disturbing, and when he finally found himself inside a mausoleum.

This sudden exposure to reality broke him, and he went on a binge of drugs and necrophiliac sexual activities. Throughout the series, he and his mind have been attempting to delude him and hide him from reality. Prior to his exposure to reality, Alfred was, or at least seemed to be, somewhat innocent.

he coped with reality by creating the playhouse, where he seemed exist in a child-like state. after and during "dead girl strip club," rather than seeming like a deeply disturbed abused and sodomized child-dog, he turned into a deeply disturbed necrophiliac sex-fiend, with homicidal behavior throughout both states of mind. It seems that once reality hit, dictator Alfred was sick of trying to protect Alfred, and instead just started to straight up mess with him, making his mental instability even worse.

Ironically, Alfred was more sane while he was trying to delude himself, and was imagining the playhouse. During and directly prior to the beginning of his necrophiliac behavior, he seemed to accept reality a bit more, and accept his insanity a bit more, rather than trying to delude himself. Once he accepted reality, he became more insane, and lost what little innocence he may have had left. He was no longer someone who you could merely pity, but now that he no longer had that child-like “innocence,” he became a character that one could easily despise.

His return to the playhouse was his attempt to return to the innocence that he once had. Even with the blissful ignorance and innocence he had before, the playhouse was still disturbing, but now that had lost all of what seemed to be a child-like innocence, the playhouse became more disturbing than ever. The playhouse will never be the same to him again. This makes it seem that he feels nostalgic towards the play house, he’s fond of it, but any attempt to return will reveal that it wasn’t as nice as he remembers.

Due to his frequent disturbing sexual behavior, it can be assumed that Alfred is an adult. With the innocence he had in the beginning, he can be assumed to have been either a child, or child-like adult in the beginning. But with the added feeling of nostalgia towards the playhouse, it can be inferred that, although he may not have been a child, Alfred was quite young when he first imagined the play house.

Alfred was likely a teenager when he imagined the playhouse, since prior to the playhouse, in “rise of Alfred,” and during the playhouse, much of his mental instability involved issues that most often plague teenagers, such as self doubt, feeling unaccepted, wanting love/attention, self pity, etc…

It can thus be said that Alfred Alfie is a coming of age story. Technically. But you know, this is all speculation, and it sounds completely ridiculous.

This whole time I still wanted to help

really liked it besides the Popsicle part. your to classy for that Emily lol.
other than that was a great video. really miss the just plain weird mind warping stuff though.
REALLY glad to see you have a decent amount of funds now... and that you havnt died so you can finish your movie. lol keep it up. loving it.

the visuals are like no other. I threw this into my monthly NG vote, I gotcho back. btw your patreon video is hilarious, pretty funny stuff. you should make more behind the scenes videos while you animate.

Seeing all of the old characters from Alfreds Playhouse im Emily's new detailed style is disturbing.
Well done.