Reviews for "Return to the Playhouse"

This is an excellent short.
It manages to keep your interest throughout the entire runtime, the voice actors do their job well, and the animation and art style reminds me of Ren and Stimpy and Courage the Cowardly Dog; the animation feels so raw, which attributes to the overall feel.
This is my first time seeing any of your work and I would love to see more.
Great job!

P.S., I love the cameo from Screamerclauz as Labby!

This was beautiful.

A mix between Courage the Cowardly Dog and a bad acid trip, Return to the Playhouse is everything you want and nothing that you need. 5 stars.

I love the Alfred Hitchcock presents opening in this one and the rest of your work. Cheers.

i love this stuff and especially the alfred alfer series. i love the twisted, the disturbing and the hurt. please dont stop the golden madness. i also just adore how the animation is greatly improving over time- you are becoming one of my favorites on this site just for the previous specified reasons. some may find it too disturbing but i see it as internet gold.
all hail the alfred alfer