Reviews for "Return to the Playhouse"

Where do I even begin? It's astounding how far you've come with animating. Each scene is almost perfectly matched to the music and the quality is so smooth and pleasing to the eye compared to your work just a few years ago.

I really loved how this installation went back to the roots of Alfred's playhouse and used more mental shock value versus the sexual shock value we've been getting from you recently. I also love how you elaborated more on Alfie's personality in this one. His figures taunting and putting him down is a clear sign that he's dealt with severe abuse still can't escape it.

I could really connect to the anguish and depression poor Alfie is in. I think that's one thing that makes these cartoons stand out; they show the darker side of an ill mind that most people aren't comfortable talking about.

This was a rad animation and I can't wait to see more from you! Please keep working hard and making awesome things.

wow really great work with the animation.. alfred is all types of fucked up but i like it

Oh Emily that was HAWT! xD

I think you do a great job using visuals to really show how dark, depressing and gritty Alfred's mind is. It shows how he sees things and how he usually feels when he's alone at home. The voices on the television and radio and even the figures talking down to him, everyone molesting him and using him like a cum dumpster and seeing the Littles use him as a toilet or molesting him pretty much shows how much he's been abused and even abandoned for most of his life.

I think you use your visuals and even certain aspects of sound design to convey all that pretty well.

This was so disgustingly cruel and black it made me feel truly alone while watching it, but I mean that in the best way possible, to make something like this you truly have to reach into the inner voids of human consciousness and pull something out. I don't know if any of that made any sense but I guess all I'm trying to say is this was good shit, keep it coming, I don't get to watch stuff that makes me feel like less of a man for watching it very often.