Reviews for "Return to the Playhouse"

Ok just to make it clear i voted 5 on your animation because of the great work and effort you put into the animation but also i want to give u this review to let you know my personal oppinion so ...got to admit ive seen some strange looking shit in my days but this this is fuckd up ...wierd and kind of disturbing in a way i mean wtf has that dog been takeing cocaine? or meth? in any case also good job with the king pin doll that one part i liked from the Marvel series also want to add something else i dident like this animation because it has no action to it ... i mean you need to be more inventive like for instance Alfred going to McDonals or KFC ... whit a flamethrower like being a pyromaniac .... get it? or Alfred sitting at his pc and exploring the Deep Web just saying and also good luck with the movie

emily-youcis responds:

I suppose you haven't seen Rise of Alfred yet - Where he gets hired as Manager of Burrito Bell and starts purging his employees. He even sets a bunch of bagels on fire. Perhaps that will be more action packed for your... tastes. Thanks for voting 5!

I find it strange how sometimes your animations are sloppy and cheap and other times they are well constructed and fluid. You have the potential to be the greatest animator Newgrounds has ever known.

Nevertheless, screw Dic.

Oh FUCK this got me hard. Dude! your fucking Alfred Alpha stuff is awesome. I can't get enough of the amount of detail you put into your visual effects. I'm also impressed with the way you wrote this animation, it honestly feels like an actual opening to a genuine film. I can't wait to see more.

I'm both happy and sad for you, I've been a Gigantic fan of Alfred Alfer since the very first playhouse! I loved it because of how dark twisted and disconnected the creator must have been to accurately portray that feeling of being mis-used by the people who were supposed to love you.

but watching this (and yes, granted it's much MUCH better animated) you've lost that grit, your perceptions of being a human being are more human more healthy, which is great for you as a person I'm sure, but your art has taken a hit here.

I'm not sure how you can remedy this or if you even should

just always remember you have value as a person
you are a worthwhile human being
you matter
and if not to the people around you, you matter to me



If there's a meaning to this, I can't understand it. The hangover mindf*** was trippy, but afterward it seemed pointless... especially the mouse people doing gross sexual things to Alfred... I honestly can't rate this any higher, it's just too gross.