Reviews for "Return to the Playhouse"

my god woman, you are an amazing talent. you know i love you and you better keep this up. this is magical and i would suck your dick for more.

Great job, Emily! Dis tite as frig

EmilY! Thank you this was unexpected, wish I could have made it to the voices, but a huge throwback to the Playhaus I waint expectin! And the animation was really good too!

Remind me to hang myself if i ever vote any less than 5 on any of your cartoons. Thanks!!!

This is the best in the Alfred series.And it seems with every new submission you improved over time. I have watched your previous Alfred movies and they were good but it seems you put a bit more work into this or atleast you had better resources I guess lol. Thx for your hardwork I enjoy all your work here on Newgrounds.)