Reviews for "Return to the Playhouse"

Loved it! Nice job on the Hitchcock reference, took me back.. also liked the little redlettermedia nod you threw in. Don't listen to the haters trying to psychoanalyse you through your work, they aren't real cartoon lovers and they clearly don't see that you're one of the most talented animators on newgrounds... even if the subject matter is a little intense. Keep up the good work!

You're fascinated with something you don't understand, and you think you're doing something strange and interesting and "dark" or "weird". But it's trite, shallow, and it's the effort of you and all your friends in your world of fun times and good things. You're afraid of the shit you're hinting at, because it's the kind of thing you've only seen alluded to in bad TV cartoons and stuff, and that you take in as conversational fuck material with your special little buddies. Have you ever spent even a whole day without talking to your friends? Without your gossip and giggles? You come at this like a brainless Squeaky wannabe, following a motif that has nothing to do with your life. You're on the opposite end of this and you'll never understand. This shit is plastic. You put a lot of effort into it, but it's still just scraps from your big party. Just make a fucking video of yourselves talking about your favorite most "messed up" or "deranged" cartoons, because that's all you've made here. A fan piece for those, and not a good one.

emily-youcis responds:

Thank God , I was getting kind of worried that I wasn't seeing any of my usual, large paragraphed, 0 star reviews. Now then:
I fear you have a bunch of things misconstrued. :/ Perhaps there is some sort of projection here.
This cartoon was solely my project, not any of my friends. I merely hired them to do additional voicework for me. If you want to blame anyone for this, blame only me.
You seem to be resentful of my "special little buddies." In response to your question, I have infact, sadly, spent 90 percent of my cartoonmaking carreer without gossip or giggles. I only got internet animator friends about a year and a half ago. Up until they found me, I guarantee you I had no human interaction in either the physical or internet world.
In regard to the themes in this cartoon being unrelated to my life, Oh Kid, if you only knew how related they were. Based on your review I'm sure we've shared some of the same hardships. You appear to be a sore-butted, lonely young thing just like Alfred here. Why dont you embrace our shared pain instead of spouting projected, nonsensical assumptions?
I'm sure you'll be a die hard Alfred Alfer fan in due time. You have that special bitter spunk. Perhaps you'll even have internet friends one day.
I'm happy I could finally retort a paragraph of Hate for this cartoon. Debating 12 year olds always gets my rocks off.

Wow, I remember seeing the earlier Alfred stuff years ago. This is pretty fantastic. The mixed media reminds me of Jon Dilworth, and your animation has gotten quite good. I also really enjoyed the King of the Hill allusion in the beginning.

I don't have a ton of things I can think of to critique. There were a few bits that could've used more in-betweens, but I'm sure you're aware of those and it hardly detracts from the piece as a whole. The only thing I could suggest is maybe to work on the color pallette a little. It's by no means bad as it is, but the little people could stand to have fewer colors to make them more readable, and a few filters here and there over the whole shot would probably help it look more focused.

Overall great work, looking forward to seeing more!

D: MY GOD! That was just, wow Emily, you did an amazing job on animating this the wooden doll looks amazing and well animated! I don't want to sound too much of a fanboy or anything but I just love your animations and art style, everything you have done so far is awesome with Alfred. Keep it up, you are awesome.

emily-youcis responds:

Everyone loves the Tristy Doll

This is in my comfort zone, so I have no negative thing to say.
The art has been overhauled like the way I like it :D
Creepy doll, wierd shit happening, Rate 5 for fantastic