Reviews for "Abandoned Farm Escape"

This game genuienly creeped me out.

Great game. Reminds me of places I have actually been. The puzzles got me for a moment, but then again I haven't slept much in 24 hours due to tracking vital signs during an emergency an then going back to my day job. The doll heads were the best.

Didn't like it too much, a lot of content that didn't make sense, like the arrows for example.

Not bad. Very challenging because there's a lot of different objects laying around, hiding the objects that you need. Very clever game.


The drawer puzzle isn't very straightforward, with there being four arrows and six numbers. It took me a moment to figure out. For anyone else stuck, press in this order: Down, right, left, up right, down. Aside from that being a bit difficult (it seems a lot of people are struggling), it was another good game!

And Tharos, good for you being so very "smart", maybe one day you'll get that award you clearly deserve and that'll help in you feeling superior and putting other people down. Shame your reading comprehension isn't all that good though, since people have mentioned their problem not being that they don't know to the light the candle, but how the numbers that are shown translate to the arrows.
Here's a hint for YOU: it's not even to do with intellect, but how the brain works; some people have a natural aptitude for certain types of puzzles, while others are better at different types, or just not that good at all. It's got nothing to do with your natural capacity for learning, and even if it did, people don't get to decide how easily they pick up on things, so it doesn't make much sense logically to treat them badly for something out of their control. In fact, it just makes YOU look bad.