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Reviews for "Abandoned Farm Escape"

"Honey, where should we keep the gas?"
"Put it where if someone needs gas they have to find a bunch of keys, solve puzzles, and be creeped out by old dolls, dear. Oh, and the sewing machine brand should be a clue, and I'll make the piano so that you can see what key to press but it'll be a bit hard to see. We should also keep a knife in an old bus, stack some cars, but make sure our moped always looks brand new, and keep the key in it. Also stack some cars outside, and put a porcelain doll head on your rocking chair outside and one in the crib in the bedroom facing the door. I'll put locks on some doors, and you put these keys under the jug cover, in the secret box in the drawer, and.. oh, anywhere you want. And let's put the TVs in the attic, there's too many cartoons on nowadays."
"Also, you know that book you were planning on using for your novel? Well, scratch that, let's use it as a clue, write DAE on one page, but with the letters facing randomly, and FCDE on another one, same thing. And you know that skull we have? Put this gold ankh in its mouth please. And put this one in the drain, make sure you can see it but can't get it. Then hide this one above the fireplace, but it needs to be lit for the ankh to show up. Oh, and this one? Just put it in a box. But the code for the box is gonna be he license plate from one of the trucks. Then hide a place where four ankhs fit behind this painting then put the painting on there tightly and hide this crowbar to get it off with the cars. Put the gas behind the painting, then cut the power, make everything look messy, and make sure no one finds this place for decades."
"Honey, are you okay?"
"No, Barbara, I have a weird obsession with escape rooms, but you've never taken me to a psychiatrist for it."
"Hank, that's because you've never told me."
"Sorry, dear."

how to clean everything XD

explain how the hell we are supposed to know to enter hairs when the clue was haris?

Drawer is fucking impossible. Code: down, right, left, up, right, down (cause 1 2 3 4 5 6)

Well, I've read a lot of feedback about how the drawer puzzle makes no sense because it is hard to figure out the connection between the numbers above the piano and the arrows. So, the arrow puzzle was the only part that I could do without a walkthrough and the piano puzzle was more mindbreaking to me. The piano made me upset, however after solving the arrow puzzle I felt better because I was like, how other ppl couldn't solve this? I think it was the best part of the game beside the scenes. If the scenes were more fun-packed and there were some picture related things that you could use for puzzles and clues this game would have been even better. Like the doll in the crib, or the pictures in all over the house. But for a 15 minute game it was likeable I think :).