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Reviews for "Abandoned Farm Escape"

Asylum made this one look too short

An average escape game. Why did they hide the gas with so many puzzles? It must be very expensive.
The medals work , and I earned them all.

lol, played this already at melting-mindz! ;) got all medals, nice good fun jaunt. I played it this time while listening to the movie version resident evil theme (10 hour loop) as a tidy little backdrop. ahh, good times. MORE CREEPY DOLLS!

So.. I've been trying to figure out the arrow puzzle for a while now and I just don't get it, the clue just leaves me more clueless.. please help?!

I don't mind exploring around a farm environment which is different from your other games. The only creepy element is a plastic doll in a crib.

Puzzles, in general, are easy to solve and are linked to their clues. One anagram did take me some time to figure out and its clue was "Haris". Hint: what grows out from beneath your skin.

Graphics are fine. I like the design of the keys and gold decors.