Reviews for "Abandoned Farm Escape"

where is the drawer at?!

I'm not sure if i saw any creepy faces in some of the car windows and i really wanted to kill the spider that was in one of the compartments on the bus

I really do enjoy puzzle games like these, because they actually motivate us to use our head, and challenges our critical thinking to some extent.

And the theme as well as graphics of these Odd Soul games almost never fails to please me.

I Iove these kind of games...... where did you find the creepy backgrnds at?

That moped looks way out of place at that abandoned farm! :D How about: you were riding your moped, when it ran out of gas outside an abandoned farm..? ;) Love the dystopian milieu otherwise, when it comes to scenery this might just be my favorite yet, something about old cars; abandoned housing that's not directly an asylum. Challenging puzzles too.