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Reviews for "Abandoned Farm Escape"

what to do with these arrows ?? it is a bug?

Still can't figure out how the letters correspond to the numbers on the tapestry to go with the arrows...help? Please?

drawer puzzle ruined it

Not sure why but even after lighting the candle and getting the number clue the drawer still has arrows instead of letters. I checked the video walkthrough and have done everything right up to that point so I can't complete the game. I even reloaded and followed the walkthrough step by step and still get arrows. Such a shame because these games are my favourites.

selfdefiant responds:

If you look where the numbers appear after lighting the candle, the numbers are on arrows.

In the drawer I got arrows, not letters so I can't type HARIS. Please help me.

selfdefiant responds:

Clue is from lighting candle on piano.