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Reviews for "Last Town"

This is a good game, kinda like plants vs zombies, and I enjoyed the story. But damn, you guys.... you really, REALLY need to play your game before releasing it. Some REALLY easy to spot bugs pop up that other people have noticed- I wanted to add my own report to theirs.
As other people have mentioned, apple regeneration does not exist on some levels. This is game crippling, as I reached day 10 (an infamous day, judging from these comments) and was demolished.

...Now, a new glitch report. After becoming too frustrated at day 10, I decided to restart the game due to some choices I thought were poor. And guess what? The size of the field did not shrink back to the original day 1 size. Despite starting a new game at day 1, it retained the size it was at day 10. This is a BIG bug!

This game is a very fun game, however there are far too many moments of frustrations due to bugs, or just poor design choice, I'm not sure which. First, the good. The game itself, is fun. It's nice to sort of plan out or place units in strategic places. Personally my best was maxing out the javelineer and just spamming them on the front lines. Every enemy dies in one to two hits, doubly so with maxed out archers in the back lines. All the units were able to work in tandem with each other which is a very nice thing, except the blacksmith. I've yet to find a use for him. Judging from the skills he seems like he's a tanky unit but he's way more expensive than a simple farmer who does the job just as well. The artwork is superb, well done and very stylistic. I enjoyed the choices that came up during the story as well, it gave me a sense of "I am in charge of this town" feeling, as it should being the mayor and all. The active skills were done in an interesting way, each unit had a skill and that unit had to kill a certain amount of zombies to be able to use it. This is a rather interesting way to do active skills, and it worked, sometimes..

Into the bad now. The ABSOLUTE main issue I had, was apple regeneration. Sometimes it simply didn't work, it just didn't generate any apples, and that made the game roughly 10 times more difficult than it should have been. I'm not sure whether this was a bug or a design choice, either way it just didn't work and detracts from the experience. There was a moment where the story said that the soil is infertile and cannot plant any more apples, that is when it is acceptable to have no apple regeneration, when the story dictates it. But for whatever reason, my apples regenerated there, but elsewhere where there is not a single mention of apples it doesn't. This forced me to change my entire playstyle, and when I've already allocated all my coins and gems toward a certain playstyle, this can have very negative impacts. Where the teleporting wizards and knight zombies were introduced, is where I ran into the most trouble. I somehow had to fend off a horde of ranged attackers without apple regeneration. I had to tone down the difficulty about 6 times before I even had a chance of completing the level and the only way of obtaining apples was spamming farmers so that they kill zombies and using their active skill to plant trees. This sucks, as this forces the player in having to play in a certain way, and it's even worse if the player didn't invest all that much into the farmer like I did at the time. Doesn't help that the enemies during that wave were all ranged attackers, something that farmers are crap against. So, I had to spam farmers, hope they killed enough enemies, grow trees to get apples so I can put down more damaging units, and if one of my attack units, or all of my farmers died from the incredibly accurate and long range attacking enemies, I basically lost and had to start over. After the 3rd time that level lost any fun value it had. This happened before that wave near the beginning but I managed to get past it. It resurfaced again during the final boss fight, not sure why as it was working during the first stage, but the instant it got closer apple regeneration stopped. Surprisingly I was doing fine, it only ate one of my two farmers rather than the archer and javelineer I had placed down to attack it. I was able to replace the farmers fairly quickly as they killed the regular grunt zombies fairly fast. The only reason I lost, was because of a bug where I was unable to use skills. This was literally the death of me. All my units were being attacked, I tried to use the archers skill but it wouldn't let me. It would show the reticle and area of the attack, but won't actually use it. This led to my entire group being overrun and even after my archer died, the skill still said it was still able to be used. These two problems are glaring issues that overall detract from the game and only lead to frustration. Perhaps a better method of active skills is maybe instead of getting kills to charge a skill, perhaps it can charge automatically but only if there is the respective unit on the field, maybe it'll charge faster when more of the same unit are placed, I dunno. This way players don't have to spam farmers to get apples when regeneration doesn't work. Or the unregenerating apples can be fixed, so that every level aside from when the story says that it won't regenerate, will actually have regenerating apples.

I'm not a game designer, or a programmer or anything. I just enjoy games, and if I see something that bothers me as a gamer, I will rip it to shreds. It is a fun game, and the bugs or design choice or whatever with the apples, only appeared rarely. The skill bugs appeared only during the boss fight. Last Town is a solid game, with a few flaws is all. Every game has flaws but when the flaws are massive gaping holes in it, that's when it's a problem that should be addressed. Overall it is a fun game, I've yet to try the boss again, so I'm not sure if the bugs will appear again.

Great game epace !

I think the game is pretty fun.
Though there are some problems with apple regeneration on stage 10 and 14, where i am at right now.
I personally think you also have to increase the drops of items a bit more, where there is only have a slight chance with the shovel (or else you have to jump out to main menu and go back in the previouse game, till you get a decent amount out of it).
If it's also possible, change it so you can choose wich troops individually get to stay when the farmer has to leave for the reason.

Laggs from time to time, solid game, Good Job!