Reviews for "Last Town"

It's a great game but I need help with day 10 it's freakin hard xD

This game has you at the mercy of luck more often than not, even without the bugs. I felt like the story was a little anticlimactic, personally, what with the witch and the other town and all. Still, looked okay and allowed for some interesting strategy.

Funny game. I'm glad the advisor ended the way he did, had he listen to the Mayor none of this would have happend.

It seems like a fair amount of work was put into this game & the graphics seems ok , But what this game is missing that most other games of its type have is a speed control where you can put thing in fast forward once you have your units in place etc..

This is a good game, kinda like plants vs zombies, and I enjoyed the story. But damn, you guys.... you really, REALLY need to play your game before releasing it. Some REALLY easy to spot bugs pop up that other people have noticed- I wanted to add my own report to theirs.
As other people have mentioned, apple regeneration does not exist on some levels. This is game crippling, as I reached day 10 (an infamous day, judging from these comments) and was demolished.

...Now, a new glitch report. After becoming too frustrated at day 10, I decided to restart the game due to some choices I thought were poor. And guess what? The size of the field did not shrink back to the original day 1 size. Despite starting a new game at day 1, it retained the size it was at day 10. This is a BIG bug!