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Reviews for "Last Town"

Laggy and weird art style... and you borrowed too much from your other games. It eventually crashed my browser too.

I'm stuck. The day 14 don't regen apples. why?

Absolutely wonderful game

Epace is an amazing game designer

The main problem I can see with this game is that the upgrade tree allows you to help shoot yourself in the foot. The first upgrade for each unit type is always a skill which can be used if at least one of those units is on the field. But those skills only become available for use if a zombie drops a star to activate it and it is randomly assigned to one of the unit skills available. But not all of these skills are equally useful. The farmer's ability to deploy an apple tree is far superior to just about all the others. As such, upgrading most other units is a bad idea since you are costing yourself apples which can be used to deploy more units.

It would be better if the stars could be used to activate any of the available skills.

Later in the game it's best to put most of your units near the front so they can hit every incoming zombie. Otherwise they will be cut to shreds by the ranged attack zombies before they can land a blow. Fully upgraded farmers are basically roads blocks. They are all but impossible to kill and block a lane completely.

Everything about this game is awesome.

Storyline, graphics, sounds, game play, characters, upgrades, enemies... Difficulty progression can be very challenging, but still in the fair zone.

I also like how at to points of the story you must decide who will remain the team.

Very good game. Also, I knew all the time the powerful team would turn up being the farmers, because of the apple trees haha

Thanks for this.