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Reviews for "Last Town"

Well, that was interesting. Fun, definitely. I'm glad that you could choose several options of what you really wanted to do (I got my witch-burning in!), but the last level was hella hard. I had had no upgrades for 4 or 5 levels, and I only won it by losing four times and then spamming ludicrous amounts of farmers. Still. Solid game. Thanks for making! I'd absolutely LOVE to see a sequel! 4.5/5.

Good flash but so much bugs in the game like no Apple income or when i started a new game i have expanded walls ...

Nice game, but I'm not a fan of these types of games however it was well made, the art could have improved though

Aaaand the winning strategy is: MORE FARMERS!!!!

Much Strategy, very tactical so cool wow.

Well, i like strategy games but this is perfect. sometimes to hard but really magnificent