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Reviews for "Last Town"

For some reason at day 10 It stopped giving me apples. but other than that It was good

A good game overall. Not exactly groundbreaking, but well made and to me that's the important thing.

Some comments regarding the last level, though:

The monster's ability to randomly eat a villager is frustrating and not very fun. There should be an appropriate counter to it. As it is, I beat it by simply playing enough times that it didn't eat all my farmers first, so I could get the critical mass of apple trees producing enough men for it to eat while keeping enough farmers alive to keep the cycle going. That's just random, though, that's not strategy.

Ignoring the ability to reduce the difficulty when you fail a level - I never used it, and I assume many people won't - the game is self-balancing because you get to keep the gains picked up during a failed level, so if you struggle on one, you can do many upgrades for the next one. This self-balancing doesn't take place on the last level, though, so what you essentially get is that a highly-skilled or lucky player will reach the last level with fewer upgrades and may be completely stuck. This, combined with the fact that you randomly lose villagers that you can use means upgrades are a bit of a crapshoot.

I might be wrong, but does the shovel round not always appear after each level? Some seem to skip it. Also, some levels have an inbuilt supply of apples doled out during the level, while others are static and require you to make do with what you have. Some indication of why and how this is happening would be appreciated.

The option to reduce difficulty would probably be less annoying if it wasn't offered every time you fail.

Very fun game, great game play, and action :P! very nice story hook in the beginning

I liked the idea of the game, but when I died, I thought it was because I didn't have enough resources. The first time was when the graves made enemies spawn in the middle of the field. That was totally unexpected.

Little too easy for me, archers are OP