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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

Great game. 5/5

How do I produce atomic mass?

NewProject responds:

You can't produce it like atoms. You need to move extractors to the elements with bigger atomic mass.

Each element have a atomic mass number, you need to put at least 1 extractor in each element in order to sum the amount requested in quest.
While you are in this special missions, you see extra info when the mouse is over the extractor. This is the atomic mass from the element.

Hey, my friend, there are only one problem in the game, it's about the extractors, they just repel and they go ape shit when at 1pixel between them! It's was almost impossible to make the "5extractors in Hydrogen" objective!

NewProject responds:

I just test it again, its possible, hard but possible. Try differents formations, use corners, ...
And when you give up, look a walkthrough :P

Ok, this game could be really good if not for the frequent freezing. I can't get anywhere on this game, I'd happily rate this four stars if it worked but It doesn't. Sorry.

NewProject responds:

You try to disable effects in config?

I wonder how a true chemist would play this game! Awesome concept for an Idle. The periodic table is slowly revealed as you gain mastery over the elements. Brilliant.

Make some breaking bad themed medals and the masses will follow this.