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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

awww this game seemed interesting doesn't seem to work for me though all i see is the title screen i won't give it no stars since that would be unfair and its probably my computers fault so ill rate it what your overall score is

i've played it from the day it was uploaded, and at first i thought it'll be boring, but then i got really addicted to it and i'm playing it now everyday! a fun way to waste your life! xD no seriously, that's the only thing i do now when i'm on the computer (this or tumblr..) and it's actually 3AM here and i need to meet my friends today for a long time so i really need to sleep but instead i'm here in this game, so IT IS really addicted!
but it's gets kinda boring after a while, when you wait a lot of time.. but i'm still addicted to it -w-..

btw, i love the galaxy background that moves!

Could you please add a option to change the temp. to F instead of C? (water freezing point in F: less then 22F)

I am having trouble loading on chrome with current version of flash, and unity player (not sure which this game uses). It gets past the ad, and then I see the title at the top (Idle Evolution) of an otherwise black screen. any suggestions? I would really like to try this!

NewProject responds:

It's html5 game, you don't need any plugin.
Try if in other browser can play... I really don't know what to say :(

Fun and Interesting game, the only complains I have about it is that you don't have a list of what molecules you have already clicked or sold and that there is no way of resetting your life upgrades (made a bad choice before you put the description under them and now I am too far to just restart the game)