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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

The game is nice! Pretty addictive, but slightly repelling at first. And, personally, i didn't like the obligation to close the game for 30 minutes to levelup.

Anyway, i enjoyed it, thanks!

Nice, fun time waster. The only thought that comes to mind while playing it. "Wow I'm working with really small quantities." Not even working with a mol by level 8.

A what-if scenario game? Really? Relying on Wikipedia as a guide? I'm not donating to them because of that. There's even a link to the Wikipedia website for each formula listed in the EVOLUTION section (look for the Wikipedia puzzle globe shape icon). Time-waster? Yes. Addicting? No. Am I complaining too much, maybe. Ordovician era? Like who cares! Is this game for chemistry students? I'm not sure. What do you mean by renew molecule - do you mean "change molecule"? And nothing's more frustrating than having a molecule change so frequently without knowing why. For this, I give you four stars. This is Newgrounds, not chemistry institute.

great game! giiiiishhhh.... i tried something like 1 hour to put 6 into 1 ...and i got it =) medal "tight" achieved

As a chemistry student, I love the concept but I wish you'd utilised more of the periodic table. The substances the game asks me to make are all pretty simple in structure.

NewProject responds:

Well I need to make a game for all. Perhaps in the future I make a chemical version, without tips and complex molecules. This can be funny :P
While I was doing the game, I have in mind that the only formula that people know is H2O.