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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

Very fun game, altho nautral selection becomes a pain when you get 700+ maybe a button to sell 100 at a time?

NewProject responds:

You have an upgrade to increase amount (natural selection and molecules sell).

great game but man im at 11 lvl mission 2 elements producing 30T per sec come on..i put 4 extractors and the bonuses and i cant even get to 5T per sec give me a hint plz

NewProject responds:

1) Increase powers a little more.
2) Click a molecule to increase production (sulfuric acid is good) and use manual power at same time.

Fun time waster.... but after putting 5 extractors in one element for one of the level requirements, my Life/Evolution bonus thingie disappeared.... and it WON'T come back.

Great game. First incremental in awhile that I truly enjoyed and that kept me playing.
One complaint is the game causes java to crash after awhile, might just be my browser though.

Pretty educational as far as idle games are concerned!

Needs shortcuts for buying upgrades from home screen and also for switching between capacity/amount/normal view, because at the moment there is no way to engage manual on an element and have a different view active (unless I haven't figured it out yet :D)

Keep it up (maybe a visual update at some point ?)