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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

How do I get more blue dot scanner thingamabobbers?

NewProject responds:

The yellow buffer or the radar?
You only need continue playing, it come from "life".

I noticed a Math error in your game. When computing the auto power for number of atoms extracted, and then multiplying by the total extra knowledge bonus, It seems to be dividing the %, not multiplying.
Example. With life bonus, I am at 214.99M atoms (on computer mode) with a collector on an element I have no knowledge score on. I should be getting ~225.74M (225.7395 by my calc). Instead, I am getting 204.73M atoms instead. I am glad I noticed this early, and I hope you can fix it. It would be rather upsetting to be losing 20 or 30 % (or more) from the extra knowledge bonus instead of gaining it.

NewProject responds:

You are saying there is a problem in knowledge bonus? I can't find it.
Can you pm me where is the problem exactly. Thank you.


Test with 1 extractor in element, no manual power, no buffer bonus (yellow radar).
Test made with 3 elements.

Total extra bonus - Bonus element - atoms per second

4% - 0% - 636.35M /s
5% - 0% - 642.47M /s

4% - 96% - 1.24T /s
4% - 98% - 1.25T /s
4% - 100% - 1.27T /s
5% - 100% - 1.28T /s

4% - 78% - 1.13T /s
5% - 80% - 1.15T /s

I'm havin lagg issues, i tried disabling the graphics-option, however, i feel the major lagg comes from the background. Would love a disable for that =)

The knowledge upgrades seem really slow, especially if you have to research in a fixed order. Iodite [I] was impossible to obtain in the beginning, in later stages there was no farm at all required for elements unlocked faaaar later. A slow rise of price might be more enjoyable.

NewProject responds:

If you disable "visual effects" the background stopped (back to game screen to take it effect). All other cpu usage is from calculations.
The knowledge have stoppers and launchers, you need to decide your tactic about where/when waste atoms.

I'm very impressed with this game. Most idle games get quite boring after a day or two, but you seem to have added a LOT of content to this game and the basic idea of using the elements is both original, clever, and dare i say, educational.

My only improvements would be better descriptions for the upgrades. Specifically around the Evolution molecules. I don't recall seeing where it said that the molecule would change every X minutes, so the "time reduction" upgrade is a bit confusing until i realized the molecule changes based on time. I had thought the molecule changes based on the time period you were evolving. I don't know why it does this either, does one type of molecule perform better than others? If so, that should be mentioned.

Also, when evolving, what does a "mutation" do?

All in all, a great game. Thanks a lot!

NewProject responds:

Txs, I'm happy you enjoy it.

The 1st time/mission about evolve have the tutorial that explain all... perhaps I can add a button to show it again.

I only can say that the mutations and rare genes are good for the evolution.

You are welcome.

i on firefox and there is only a blackscreen, help?

NewProject responds:

If you don't see my logo, the game doesn't start. Perhaps problem with video ads?
Other possibility is that you can't play in any touchscreen device.