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Reviews for "Die Hipster!"

Got all 7 trophies, went to the end of the hall... now nothing happen. I can't move and the screen is slowly zooming but there is no animation or anything. Won't replay again.

The music/artwork direction that you took really didn't agree with me. For a game mocking hipsters, it's too hipster in itself, plus the main character is too much of a little bitch. I tried to play the underlying game, honestly I did, but I got up to the kid dropping the ball and.. The jumping mechanic just felt too clunky

it's like playing an ice level the entire game control is terrible but the graphics aren't bad

I like the game, nice idea and all that but I seems there is a problem using the 'f' key. I doesn't work for me and I'm guessing it doesn't work for others. Hopefully you will figure out the issue.

sorry thought it was a pile a crap with a stick stuck in it so ..