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Reviews for "Die Hipster!"

Controls are a bit tricky. if you want to make a good jump you basically have to press either left or rght arrow, hold it down and then press space. That kind of works for me. Funny thing. I've died 60 times total so far and i don't know about everyone else but one of the things the lady who revives you said to me was "Your Princess is in another castle." LOL Mario Bros, classic.

BTW, some bugs. One of them which happened to me is i made yet another one of those swan dives (you know, jump to your death), i died, my spirit is supposed to rise out of my body but for some reason it won't and the screen won't go back to where my character is. And the music is not switching to the death music. Instead you get the usual area music.

Also, another tip. I don't know how many of you know this but i saw this on a youtube video, After you make your first death the elevator opens up and you can use it to easily access the rooftop.

Cumbersome controls were preventing me from enjoying this game, especially the jumping.

Controls are fine, they're really where the gameplay has any usefulness. The level is designed for the controls.

The sound, however, is a bit of a problem. I couldn't tell what basically anyone was saying, basically ever; the music/ambience always far overpowered the speech.

Also the Endgame seems to be broken. I approach, I lose control and it approaches like a scripted scene is about to unfold, and then nobody says anything or does anything. I suppose that qualifies as an end to the game?

I remember when this game was released a couple of years ago, and it was a good art game lampooning the hipster
lifestyle and "culture." However this version is a "remaster" of sorts, but it's not a particularly good one. A lot of the songs
were changed either for copyright or content reasons (e.g. "Fuck It" Bob Schneider). As far as the gameplay, it was
fun to find the different deaths, but the platforming is a lot clunkier than I remember, albeit, it does fit in with the
parody of the hipster stereotype. Of course, this version is mainly here to plug the iPad version, which is a truly successful
irony in itself, but given the version I just played, I'm afraid I'm not compelled to buy it.

I played this years ago. It aged well, with superior graphics, concept and music/sound compared to most flash games...

But man, it suffers greatly from its difficulty! nearly impossible to climb the building, and failing will mean starting over again...

At the end I got bored and watched the end in youtube... Can't be bothered with retarded impossible jumps