Reviews for "Die Hipster!"

I dont think this game is suitable for newgrounds

Reasons: First of all i cant help to ignore the hatecrime that is so clearly displayed in it i may not be a hipster but i dont Think hatecrimes should be the title of a game. The controlls are horrible i dont get all the sliding around and it takes estimated 1.5sec for the character to start move after Arrow been pressed. i also noticed its on ipad but apple are mindless people who live of stolen ideas so im not suprised they added it there even though they risk a lawsuit because of the hatecrime. (they can afford it).

You get 1.5Stars since i never Review a game without playing it first i must say it was quite entertaining but i played it as "kill the person" in a complete neutral way of all of todays diffrent styles.
1 star because i found it entertaining
0.5 star because the controlls didnt really meet my standards in gaming (when i press a button i dont want to wait for it to move it feels like you purposely put in lagg into the game)

I like the game since it was entertaining for the first 5min. i decided to quit playing because of the clearly displayed hatecrime and write this Review instead.

This is really boring. the voices are far too obnoxious to be tolerable, even for a parody such as this.

at least, I think it's a parody. I couldn't seem to find the humor. perhaps the game's "ironic".

Quality art! But unfortunately that is it; the rest is pretty awful. Now as for the sound, I do like how the sound has a Doppler effect; the sounds themselves are very annoying and causes frustration. The idle animation is cute and all but that does not make up for its horrid controls and level design.

Lets be honest yeah nice graphics, nice music, etc.

But where the hell is the gameplay? I know this is one of those supposed "artsy" games but man, really this ins't fun. Where is the fun? Its too hip too deep4me probably but I prefer my games with gameplay.

Don't know how it ends and I don't care anymore I already went far and its still boring. It not worth the time of the typical Newgrounds demographic.

Presentation seems decent enough, got some great graphics, but can only get a few screens in due to absolutely clunky controls making this frustrating and virtually unplayable.