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Reviews for "Die Hipster!"

Pretty cool :)

I like the overall design, but for me the control reaction speed felt a little bit numb. The noises made on every jump also became a little distracting. It would have been nice to have the initial twitter message disappear too, in order to signal me to start playing. I sat there waiting for the next message haha.

Overall, nice work :)

the final mast requires you hot very slightly to thhe left of the center of the roof

Well the mechanics are horrible, the gameplay is a mystery, but dropping hipsters off of rooftops is good fun :)

The Maiden in Black? Why?

Also, the game was pretty clunky but sufficiently weird enough to hold my attention.

I found a glitch as I was falling into the elevator I hit 'f' and the entire screen went black. Jumping at some parts was very frustrating. I enjoyed a lot of the background characters, music, and the different death animations. Is this the only level?