Reviews for "Alex"

This game actually taught me what ALS is.

The ending was so sad ;_;

To balance what Nverse said, I have to agree with him about a lot of points he made. Sadly, a lot of disease foundations do become self-perpetuating funders of themselves which makes the Ice Bucket challenge seem even more hollow. But there are numerous research foundations that are working on these sorts of ailments, so even if they don't necessarily have a clear cut solution, they are making progress towards treatment...not a race to the cure persay.

So I think games like this give the right message, particularly in that they illustrate what ALS would be like to a game character. Neither you or Nverse are wrong, because there is no right answer to fixing this disease...yet. So thank you for the brilliant game Wolve, and know that we're all on the same team in wanting to deal with ALS.

GASP! I just discovered..... I can't double-jump! Oh no! I cannot deconserve momentum! It must be the onset of the disease! Oh god why, why why why did this have to happen to me?! Oh, I'm crying, it's so sad, it's just not fair!

I have a stamp collection. Not a fact I take pride in admitting. It just sort of happened. I got a bunch of stamps on ebay for way less than face value to use as postage, and I kept the best ones that seemed like they OUGHT to be worth more than face value even though they were bought for less, and it built up over time. But one of the stamps I have a whole sheet of is from the 1960s and is a 5 cent stamp - from when it was 5 cents to mail a letter. And it says "crusade against CANCER", and it shows a picture of a stethoscope on the stamps. Because a stethoscope is one of those sure-kill cures against cancer. If your doctor has a stethoscope around his neck when he walks into the room after making you wait for 4 hours in the waiting room, you can be sure cancer isn't going to be a problem for him to fix right up. One of those happy-feel-good useless platitudes, just like this game. Oh, we can make a difference if we just join hands and sing songs and work together for a cure and why not dump ice water on our heads while we're at it! Yay! So optimistic! Hmmm, I wonder how well the "crusade" against cancer has been going. It's been like 50 years, I guess they must have done it long ago, I have certainly never heard of this cancer thing. Can cer? What the heck is that? Isn't that the most southern latitude where the sun is ever directly overhead at noon, which occurs on the southern hemisphere's summer solstice on December 21? I've certainly never heard of a disease called that, so it must have been cured just like the stamp said after maybe 3 or 5 years. Sure. Yeah. Bottom line, don't act like "modern medicine" is going to "solve" this. There's no race for the cure for ALS either. And do NOT support organizations that claim to be searching for one! What they do is they ask for your money and claim to be searching for a cure, but they are NOT, the only thing they are searching for is new red herrings (like dumping buckets of cold water over people) to distract from the fact that they are just a big marketing machine and have absolutely no plan or conceivable way of accomplishing what they ostensibly are claiming they are set out to do and that their only purpose is to continue to be a huge marketing campaign to get your money so they can pay their own salaries for working for the organization and launch their next marketing campaign tomorrow. You might as well support the kickstarter for making a "real" hoverboard. Not gonna happen (even though the year 2015 is already almost upon us). The day diseases like that are cured, if that day ever comes, in the distant dusty future when the atmosphere is too poisonous to breathe but also too hot because the average daily temperature in Alaska is 150 degrees, and humans live underground and have evolved sonar senses and become blind just like those blind fish that live in caves with no light, because there's no light down there to see by, will be a day that the world is significantly different from the way it is today in every other way too, I guarantee it. It will probably involve nanotechnology, and the human race does not have nanotechnology to speak of, nor any prospects of developing it. If that day comes, there will be no health care industry any more and every doctor on the planet will find himself out on the curb and as defunct and out of demand as horse-shoe makers after the mass production of the automobile in the early 20th century, as actual scientists and engineers usurp control of the industry away from the current medical establishment which is just one step above the barbers of 300 years ago who "cured" diseases by bleeding you. The only thing medicine has accomplished to put them above that level after all these years is antibiotics (and just slightly better sanitation), which have been misused and abused across the board until they are now on the verge of stopping working. And you know what? Despite its inefficiency and lack of utility, the health care industry is perhaps even bigger than the defense contractor industry in the United States, except unlike the defense industry, it's like that in other countries too. Even more money is wasted on that than on maintaining an anachronistic army and a navy and an air force and developing new expensive weapons when they have served no purpose since WWII and the only enemies they can construe are brown people armed with pipe bombs and rat poison in the next 3rd world country they decide to invade, and the rich people at the top are NOT going to let there BE a paradigm shift while they're alive or their heirs or their grandchildren are alive, even if the day comes when the human race might be capable of finding it, which is far off.

Have a nice day.

really nice game and fun art, what did you use to make this?

This was so beautiful. I think I'm gonna cry...