Reviews for "Alex"

So if I get ALS, I have less then 5 minutes before I lose all function into my arms and legs?

Good graphics and good sense. Just wish the jump is less sticky. Barely press the space bar and my character shoots off a rocket. In fact, during the end segment, my character is constantly jumping without any input from me.

Good game!

From top to bottom this is a well designed game with a clear message that is also fun to play. Well done!

Very touching...
- The pixel art is simple but very cute!
- The music is just fine. ;)
- The social message has relevance.

The progressive losing of movement is amazingly well done!
Nice job from your Quetzalcoatl Games' Friends

Cute but yet very sad... Like the char design, althought very sad and true thing... it sounds dreadful... :( thanks for the insight! So many diseases exist yet no cure for alot of them sadly.