Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

Can anyone help me out??? im stuck at adai city after getting the bombs and exchanging my moonstones for money

great game by the way

Quells responds:

Sounds like you need to meet the Bandit and learn the location of the Bandit's lair. You can meet the bandit by sneaking into the jail through the rooftops. After that, if you can't figure out what to do, this FAQ has the next step: http://quells.newgrounds.com/news/post/904515

I can't use checkpoint nor reload the save, if i die in this game. Its a big shi* to kill a hundred times the eye boss.

Stellar- I have not seen such an intricate, involved game on here since wasted youth Part1. I simply love it . I'm at Adea now,looking for the key to the sewers, so much to explore so folks to talk to, love the music. Bravo! U wish there was a 6th star for the rating!

Graphics, while old school, are still well done with a susprising amount of detail. You can tell at a glace what most everything is, and tell individual people apart.

The sound is also simple, but has a fair range, with quite a bit of game play able to be done based on the sounds. The music does get a bit repeditive, but not badly so.

Game play is good, though simple. The sand dragon was a pain, and I needed to look up how to beat it. Other boss monsters were tough, but do-able. Some of the later monsters were very tough, and it was far easier to just run from them rather than fight. The last weapon upgrade came quite late, at a point where it didn't help much. Part of that was a trouble where the teleporters didn't activate until near the very end of the game, so I didn't get into the Hidden Village until the save just before the final boss.

The plot was very good. I mean I could see where it was going after the first couple cut scenes, but how it got there remained interesting. The final scene... ugh... well, does make me look forward to the sequel.

The final chase was a pain, but ever so slightly less so once found the honey change.

In all, a fun game, and I look forward to seeing what you make next.

The best flash game that I played, the best. And the final I onli get a WTF! I getted very very funny with this game.
-Perfect Music
-Perfect History (Almtos the things that i thrust)
-Perfect Ambient

Please... make Phoenotopoa 2

Thanks for Reading :D