Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

Phew, finally managed to get to the end, so now I can feel like I can write a fair review.

If you're looking for a game to play for 2-3 hours, complete and forget about, do something else.
If you love Zelda games, give this game a good thrashing.

I have spent the past week playing this game, and it's a lot of fun. There is so much stuff to explore in this game, the enemies will give you a good fight, and the bosses can be REAL monsters. But never let that deter you, since it takes time to recognise strategies to beat them (especially on the final one).

Sticking with it, I have learnt the game is extremely rewarding. Apart from the usual moonstone and heart piece pick-ups for exploring, there are items for acting with citizens and the sense of accomplishment for beating certain areas is great.

The pixel artwork is top quality. I think that the pixel style is a bit overdone in these games, since I think we need to move with the times. But I will say that there is a lot of creativity and imagination, and looking back there are so many different backgrounds, creatures, people ... along with cut scenes and flashbacks. The artist did a great job.

- Don't piss off the bees.

Overall a fantastic game, especially if you love exploring. Despite finishing the game, I've still got 34% more to complete, so I'd better make some progress ...

This game is so well done ^__^ Everything is so detailed for this kinda game and even though it's a 2d platform it has a very open world feel about it. :)

Only complaints is nebula armlet doesn't seem to do ANYTHING nore does the ki seem to do anything for gameplay or be useful at all for 99% of the game. Also would like to see more weapons and items :) sequal if there is one should def have these ^__^

Probably the best online game I played this year. It is long without being repetitive, funny, smooth, elegant, challenging and it always find new ways to surprise (for the benefit of those who haven't finish yet, I won't spoil them here).
Dangerous game for the completionists among us.

One thing to improve: The secret you reveal after complete 100% of the game (all the moonstone, maximum life, all items, maybe more things I forgot) was a bit anti-climatic in my opinion. Such hard (and long) work should have been rewarded by revealing some hidden information on the world or a super boss. Maybe I missed something, but it was kind of disappointing for me.

Easily one of the best games I've ever played on newgrounds. Deserves a spot on the 'best games of all time' list.

Really good game. Can be very challenging at times and there is a lot to explore. The only things I would change are the delay when swinging the weapon and starting with full health after you die.