Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

I just love it. I like that kind of humor. The story is very good and you couldn't be certain about that turn of things on the end! The music (and silence) is very well assambled to create emotional atmosphere. You can see that i's a lot of atemption on some details. god job!

i will wait for the second part. The story can be good material for a trilogy! xD

I agree with many others; I would have bought this game. If this came out when I was a kid (in the 90's) it would have been a classic console game. This is the best game I've played on Newgrounds. I really hope there is a sequel. I don't comprehend how anyone can give less than 5 (maybe 4 1/2) stars. I found no faults with the game.

The music, visuals, ambience, gameplay, story all fit together so well to make for an adventure I wouldn't quite hope to see in a free flash game. The difficulty is well put together to both create an ever-increasing challenge which keeps forcing you to get better to advance and at the same time not being difficult enough to be frustrating, with a possible exception for the machine boss at the end because of it arguably being the trickiest part of the game.
Easily my most favorite flash game I've ever played, I can't wait to see any future works from you.

Great gameplay up until the very end. The difficulty never falls behind, and it never spikes up more than it should.
The story is nothing extraordinary but it's very enjoyable and doesn't stand in the way of playing the game.
It's not perfect by any means, but it's a very solid experience overall.

Excellent game. For some reason, it is no longer saving properly in Firefox...