Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

This game is amazing...the controls are super tight and the narrative is very strong...although i absolutely hate anything that teaches with textboxes as opposed to gameplay everything was so well done that I overlooked it! at points the player could feel very...worried and not sure what to do...but with a bit of exploration that issue is cured...amazing work and beautiful design...

Ok this game is pretty awesome the music grahics, controls etc. It's like a big game that had me playing for hours, like pokemon. But there \is one part where I got stuck, with both the bandit area and the city with the major, and I got bored because of that so I stopped playing. Please make a walkthrough, and fix anything if needed. You still get 5 stars as appreciation.

best game on newgrounds yet!

This is one of the best games I have ever played on this site. It takes me back to the very first games I played on my old pc. The storyline is amazingly enthralling, the main character is super likeable. I don't even know what to say, I have been playing this for over 2 days now and have not yet finished it, partly because I don't want it to end and partly because it's damn hard!
The only question I have is, what does "Phoenotopia" mean? Where did that name come from?

This game was awesome!
It's been a while since I've been this hooked to a game.
And I was always telling to myself: "ok, how do I kill this..?" A feeling I haven't had since Zelda and Shadow of the colossus and I thank you for that.
Puzzles were either not so easy or quite challenging with only 2 being reeaally frustrating (I'm looking at you Prince's tower and to you 'other' prince's tower)
My only complain would be the attack range of the main weapon, it was way too short and took me 2 deaths agains the first frog to get used to it :'(
Great game and can't wait to see the next part. That ending left me wanting to see more :D