Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

I absolutely adore this game! The characters and gameplay are wonderful and the story has me enthralled! I love the puzzles and it's wonderful to see such a wonderful little game show up! Keep up the great work!

Very immerse and a really great game for to many reasons to count you all did a very great job on this game!

My only question is, how on earth do you get the "Speed Runner!" medal. I keep finishing at 68 minutes!

Simply a masterpiece, it would be not an overstatement to call this game a piece of art. Ingenious in its simplicity, it really takes you back. Incredible music and astonishing art fuse into the experience insanely atmospheric and unforgettable, while the gameplay adds a bit of a challenge. The story is really awesome and the setting is unique. It makes one's imagination run wild. I personally enjoyed this game, and I'd like to thank the makers of this game for crafting such a masterpiece. This, my friends, is one hell of a game.

The story is beyond awesome and while I haven't found everything yet, I will keep playing until I get them all. The whole package just rocks.
Oh yes. I eagerly await the next act of this story.