Reviews for "Ram Time!"

I totally broke the all time world record for this game and have the screenshots to prove it, but I wasn't signed in when I did it :-( Here is the proof:

super fun game i would love credit for my record too!

Wiesi responds:

Damn, awesome score! You rock!!

Pretty cool. It takes a while to understand the proper strategy to play and conserve energy, but once you figure it out, it's not so bad.

I, too, ran into the "On-fire" glitch. My bar froze at the second to last bar, so maybe it is as edgemeer says with the tentacles or something else happening at the same time. Whatever the case, not being able to go on fire kills the rest of the game.

The other bugs I noticed is that 1) once I got all of the ranks, they stopped displaying when I died leaving the locked silhouette in its place, and 2) the magic would sometimes show just 1 bar even though I had leveled it up. As soon as I placed another level in magic, it would show the proper amount, and 3) not sure if it's a bug, but you can place more levels in a stat than it shows.

Overall, I had a ton of fun, but it got repetitive after a while. Enjoyed the Chrono Trigger and Metroid music, though I don't know where the rest came from.

Wiesi responds:

Thanks for playing!!

The only problem with this game is that the "On Fire" gauge can get stuck at one from filling up and no matter how many combos you get it will never fully fill up again that game. It SEEMS to happen right when you would get a combo that would fill it up and the tentacles get you, after the point, I can never be "On Fire" again.

Other than that, addictively fun.

Wiesi responds:

Yeah, that weird On-Fire-bug.. Still didn't found out why it's happening..

awesome game found a glitch a bad one. i was lvl 10 full resistance the points left i expended it in magic but then i lvled up and the was no point expended in the magic bar :I (i dont know if you can understand this my english is no good). good game anyway keep it up

Wiesi responds:

This game has more bugs than players.

Super fun, and the tentacles are hilarious. I tried to get the game for my Android tablet, but I couldn't find it in the play store, and clicking on the "Get this for Android (free)" button does nothing. Or maybe this is a feature that is still in development? Anyway, great timewasting fun!

Wiesi responds:

That's weird, the button is working here.. However, the link to the Android app is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mausland.ramtime