Reviews for "Ram Time!"

No better way to get someone pumped up than Chrono Trigger music. The rest of the sountrack was pretty neat, as well. Also, I'm not sure if this makes sense, but this game is really funny. Only complaint I have is the same old "repetitive" thing. Anyway,great game!

I think something went wrong with this, but I still found this to be a really cool game! My favorite part is how everything just shrieks out in pain when you destroy it. I know that sounds kind of morbid, but who cares? I guess the graphics could have been better, but it was still good. I guess giant squid were in medieval times.

Wait, they're real. This really was a pretty creative game. While not a masterpiece, it seemed like you tried something different. I always like that. The music is good too.

three achievements are broken which is sad but other than that it was nice, easy gameplay and kept me occupied about 1-2 hours. get level 18 to get all the badges, i went to 20 then died on purpose, nothing left to get :P


okay so i found a bug
if you are chaging lanes and a tentacle traps you, and at the same time, you level up, you cant escape from the tentacles.
overall a good game, but it need its bugs fixed.