Reviews for "Ram Time!"

this game is the exact meaning of hypocrisy your a battering ram arrangement what are you supposed to do ram things and break them so why the hell does it drain your health that is truly the most stupid idea ever

Needs a story and upgrades. There is little to no replay value. Its a great start for what could be a good game.

I think this is an enjoyable simple game. Of course, it can get repetitive quite quickly, but that's because of the nature of this kind of games. The music, the sound effects and description added a whole humourous dimension that made it even better.
However, there is still room for improvement. For example, as someone said before, medals seem to be out of sync with the badges. I got "Emporer" but there are three previous medals that somehow I didn't get. After you pass level 18, the shining of the shield of a new category still appears, but without any shield behind it.
But, overall, it was a good game. I enjoyed playing it.

This game is awesome. As simple as that. The retro music and sounds fits perfectly with the silly atmosphere of the map, and it encourages you to get as far as possible to get all the medals.
It can be hard to get a good run, being so easy to die at level 1 with 1 resistance, but once you get some, you can get insanely far by using magic wisely and looking for animals and portals.

To all the people who say that they don't know what to do, there IS an instructions button, for fucks sake. Also, to all the people complaining that the stats are not explained, and worst of all, removing stars just for that, is it so hard to GUESS them?
-Agility. Move speed and jump speed.
-Resistance. Maximum health.
-Magic. Maximum mp and maybe amount of things hit by each spell.
-Luck. Amount of riches per castle / food per animal.

I have only one downside. When you go on fire and you go crazy spamming up and down, the screen shakes a little, sometimes disorientating you, and when tentacles catch you, sometimes is hard to see to which tile did you get to when you free yourself (upper or lower to the tentacle.)

Bravo, sir. Just, bravo.

P.d: I love the game description (author comment) xDDDD

Wiesi responds:

Thanks for playing!

Really tedious with little to no reward for continuing to play.