Reviews for "Ram Time!"

This game controls are good and the gameplay is very simple and straight forward. It has a decent levelling up system which fine to me.

Although, this game can be very repetitive since the only thing to do is to ram stuff and survive as long as you can. The graphics are very repetitive since most the game asset are lack on varieties.
Switching lane is fun but It can get boring too quickly. I think you should add some jump mechanics so the game feel a bit more dynamic and less boring.

This game is overall good and fun game to play.

I made a let's play on this game and if anybody interested, feel free to check it out.

very nice, funny crisp graphics, it was not very clear when I got hit, so I just run forwards not knowing what to avoid. I like the lively arcade style.

evrything very nice, super fun game =)

good game really fun and cool music a little wierd that makes the game even more interesting and above words