Reviews for "Ram Time!"

Quite nice, not a whole lot of depth but I liked it, 2 things that annoyed me though.
1. Fire bar got stuck after a few times.
2. While getting a level up I got grabbed by tentacles. After distributing my points an getting back in the game I was still grabbed and couldn't escape, neither the message to click left and right appeared, nor did doing that have any effect.
I got killed on lvl 11 after not having the firepower for 5 levels, so that was rather annoying.

NIce little time waster, tight controls, cool gameplay.
Problems I got (reasons for 4/5 stars):

I wanted to pause the game. Press P. Nothing happens. Maybe Escape? BACK TO THE TITLE. No warning. Just quit.. happened at Level 14, infuriating.

Second, sometimes the Fire Bar gets stuck at 7/8 bars. I have no idea why, but when this happens you can basically restart the game because without the fire power it's only half as fun as well as harder.

Wiesi responds:

Damn, the escape key.. I'm sorry, I totally forgot to remove that. As for the pausing, there is a pause-button on the bottom right of the screen. However thanks for reviewing and the great score!

This game is hysterical! The site of the three goons and the gnarled wizard hurtling across the screen is amusing, as is the way they just mindlessly trample everything they see... castles, trees, rabbits, bears... It's sort of a frightening commentary on human behavior, but a funny satire too. There are so many little naunces here, from doors and gates slamming to no avail to the "Rapunzel" braids dangling helplessly out of the towers.

I like the sampled voices. They really add to the humor. Graphics are colorful and pleasing, especially the rainbow. Music is good. I like the old Metroid rehash. The speed metal track for "on fire" is anachronistic but fits the theme of the game quite well.

Gameplay is fun and addictive, but I have a few complaints. The randomization of the resources is a little frustrating. On some play-throughs, I barely got anywhere at all due a complete lack of food appearing. Many times, deer or rabbits would appear right in front of some tentacles, making it impossible to recharge without losing in the process.

And as other reviews have noted, you would be better if we could keep our upgrades from play-through to play-through. I also think the option to upgrade health amount would be good, as it seems to run out too quickly when power-up gates fail to appear in time. Maybe the ability to purchase potions that refill health of magic instantly, but are limited to one-time use per potion?

Very amusing game.

Wiesi responds:

Thanks a lot for the review and the suggestions!

heh awesome game i can't stop thinking about when the guy says a hero is still a man…..its like the Ultimate ego destroyer XD

Wiesi responds:


You have a bug, if you get caught while levlign up, you will be stuck

Wiesi responds:

I'll look into that. Thanks for reporting!