Reviews for "Ram Time!"

music is awesome but i wish the upgrades were permanent :)

really cool
best timewaster game

Wiesi responds:

Thanks for playing!

nice timewaster, but to les binding with permanent upgrades and stuff.
The music is flashy, especially the "ON FIRE" theme! ;)

The core game is good but the game is missing 2 fundamental things.

First one is upgrades (permanent ones that you buy at the end of a run) to keep you playing the game, and make earning points more enjoyable.

Second one is that, in the game you feel like your input doesn't matter that much. You can just stay at the same line most of the time. So instead of punishing moving a lot, the game should punish staying on the same line or give a reason to move between the lanes.

This game is not as bad as most people think! You just have to look at the game and know the mechanics of it like the tentacle monsters only attack you if your moving down or up into them, you can walk right past them! Beyond that its just knowing how to spend upgrades and good judgement however the game still can get a little dull and some extra upgrades or changes like per say special upgrades or ways to up anything more than +1 would have been nice!