Reviews for "Ram Time!"

Nice challenge in the beginning, but once you are sufficiently buffed, you can just leave the program running. Jumped into the tentacles @LVL29 to free myself from the monotony...

Wiesi responds:

At least the tentacles were something good for..

Quite a decent game, it's very addictive, as you get the "I know I can get futher" feeling. However, there're some things I don't like. For instance that very time you lose, you've to start at a blank slate, which in all honesty, is very annoying. Maybe make a use of the tresure you collect? Another problem I found was that you don't need to change lanes very often, as I got quite far with only using the top 2. Also, a bug I found; When I was at lvl 10 and (patheticly) got caught in the tentacles twice in a row. When I finally got loose, I couldn't get the Combo meter full, as it was always stuck one bar before maximum, if you could maybe look into all these issues, I'm sure this could maybe become a favorite of many and (with a bit of luck) a bit of a classic

Wiesi responds:

Thanks for your thoughts!

Cool game...but found a problem,at lvl 21,after being couth by those tentacles, the freedom arrows did not appear, loosing the game ... :(

Wiesi responds:

Hm.. I will look into that.

Really really fun game. Gigantic time waster haha. Nothing too fancy, it's simple and fun; I like it. The only problems really are just the few bugs. Like when the on fire bar gets stuck 1 bar before activating, happened to me twice but i dont know what causes it. Also when I reached level 17, all the points i spent in Magic disappeared? Other than that, good game. :)

Wiesi responds:

Thanks for reporting, I hope I can find the time to look into it soon!
Edit: The Magic bug should be fixed now.

Another arcade-ish Wiesi game and I love it!♥

BUT it seems there is a bug [!]
I maxed out my "Resistance" level and then started to improve my "Luck" level.
When I reached around 800 points, my "On Fire" bar stopped at the 7th block,
ergo I wasn't able to fill the 8th block (with combos) to unleash the "on fire mode".

I kept playing and luckily I was able to finish the whole game without the "on fire mode",
but because of that I can't say if this bug was just an accident or might happen again.
...but it is definitely out there. *Twilight Zone theme*

Keep up the great work! Appreciate your contributions on NG!

Wiesi responds:

Hm, very weird bugs... Thanks for reporting and reviewing!