Reviews for "Sentry Knight"

Stuck at level three; I kill the last enemies in wave 5 but it never says wave completed and its just stuck at the guy firing arrows but no enemies to fire at.

Great game. I was a little disappointed with the specs. Maybe it's just me, but Necro and Frost with a focus on the first frost spell+freeze talents+freeze arrows and the slowing zombie hands was clearly the best build. Some slow enemies were practically paralyzed after that combo! Fire and Ice combination just didnt seem to work. You could never get enough freezing to use the Thaw talent well.

Awesome game! My only idea for improvement would be to add bosses to the endless mode to make it more difficult. Otherwise awesome game!

Really nice game! I liked everything about it. I just wish Endless mode was harder. Anyway great job and thanks!

Love the game but if you could have increased difficulty setting for endless or a speed chooser to make the enemies come faster that would be great. its too slow paced in endless. i was 15 minutes in and it just got boring with how slow and weak the monsters were