Reviews for "Sentry Knight"

recharge bug: i have only one spell boon so my sea of fire should recharge and be rady after 108 thougth after around 60 it works again

(otherwise nice game :3)

I accidentally kill a penguin D: my life is ruined...
Ho and i find the game very well made, if i can propose, show the critic stats and power multiplicator won't be bad.
Thank for this awesome game! I can't wait for more level!

Nice game!

Excellent game!
The art-style is really great. Music is apt to the game as well. Gameplay is very simple yet engaging. Game mechanics work very smoothly without any issues, whatsoever.
However, some medals would have been great rather than just the in-game achievements. Also the selection of new skills is a bit random in nature as the player doesn't exactly know what it really is, but I believe this adds as an element of surprise.
Art-style/Graphics: 5/5
Gameplay: 5/5
Music: 4.5/5
In its entirety, a really great game by the team. Keep up the good work guys!

Nice game. But there`s a game breaking bug for me on world 3.
I can't complete it. When i finish wave 5, the guy just stands there firing arrows at nothing. No more monsters, nothing more to do. I believe it's related to the "Burrower" (mole guy). He just goes underneath the earth, sometimes dead, sometimes not dead. When he goes under alive, he never comes back, i already tried killing it first, and already tried leaving him for last, nothing works. Have tried this stage five times already, the same thing happened on all my runs. I tried leaving the game running, and watching it for over 5 minutes, just nothing happens, the sentry just stays there, alone, firing arrows at nothing =/