Reviews for "Sentry Knight"

MAN THAT WAS THE BEST TOWER DEFENSE GAME I EVER PLAYED, i never played a tower defense game too much without geting bored fast, 5 stars for you THANKS 4 YOU AND EVERYONE THAT MADE THIS GAME !!!!!!

Maybe a little bit too slow in the early levels, but overall a good game.

Dont think i didnt notice the music on the intro from that other game, Epic War!

JWolfGames responds:

The music is stock! Therefore, anyone can purchase it from the creator and use it in creative works! Unfortunately, the music we chose happened to be in another very popular flash game! Haha :D

The medals ''Killing Machine'' and ''Bloody Fun'' have problems cause i beat the game and obviously i have already killed more than 100 enemies and ''bloody fun'' says ''use 3 blood heals in a single wave or boss fight'' i have done it in both and nothing happens.

In endless mode there are no bosses, ''Endless Mode has now been increased in difficulty. Bosses will come in every 5 minutes or so. Keep a look out because enemies will also continue to creep in while bosses are on the stage!'' nothing happens i played 31:49 mins in endless mode and no bosses appeared so i think you might have to check again on the fix you said you did.

good game very simple yet addictive and fun but just 8 levels its too short. 5/5 9/10 nice game.

PS: sorry if you cant understand my english im still practicing.

JWolfGames responds:

Try clearing your browser cache and checking again. Newgrounds takes forever to actually update the SWF when I re-upload a new build. Your browser's cache saves the old version and just reloads that, unless you clear it!

This is really a great game. Great art, Great animation and Great music. Even after completing the campaign, the endless mode makes me continue to play and lvl up.

I would have rated it 5 star if not for my saved game being deleted. Hope this could be fix.