Reviews for "Sentry Knight"

This game needs more attention

top tower defense

Really nice artwork and a really nice tower defense game. However, the aiming system is bit annoying and so are the trader sheep.

amazing game. of rare quality.
i speed run'd it:

-beat every level consecutively without going backwards or replaying
-never die
-no cheating by switching spells to reduce cooldown (one spell loadout per level)
-3 stars on every level
-except last level. 2 stars (can't beat boss in under 5 mins w/o grinding.)

beat that noobs

I'm in love with this! Soo much that I like about it.

-A bunch of cool medals
-Sweet upgrades/spells that you can get
-Awesome boss fights and soo much moreee! :D

I'll definitely come back to this to play it through ^_^ This game is really entertaining