Reviews for "Sentry Knight"

Awesome game I had to complete it 100% no matter what ! As for Endless Mode it tends to be a little too easy once you have unlocked all the upgrades, how about adding the bosses to the rooster of ennemies ? It could be challenging to fight more than one boss at once !


perfect i love it

Oh my it has been quite a while since i played a good thought out defense / tower game.

Liked the variation of spells and upgrades and liked how i didn't have to left click repeatedly over and over or else i would have dropped this game in the first fifteen minutes. Found the Demon Tree to be extremely useful, bosses were unique, sound & art are good. I would definitely love to see a sequel.

Some ideas for a sequel, maybe have the tower use a attack, have the knight come out of the tower on a horse lancing targets in one direction for massive damage, have the sentry knight use different weapons that deal more damage respectively / bow n arrow / cross bow / bolt of lightning / catapult etccccc

Great game !

Cool game! I love the spells and skills although I wish I could see the health of the small monsters lke a bar on their heads :)