Reviews for "You Are Disabled"

I hate spastic!!!btw great game!

its a good game but illiterate has no real twist and crippled is not even a game. you win by pressing two buttons with crippled! though it is a fun game

Kcori responds:

Crawling simulator

there is a secret ending :o

The game was mildly amusing, the disablities are a odd perk that actually feels like it's kinda poking fun at itself, simple platforming mechanics with a twist, not bad...

Hope I'll never get a disablity like that x.x
This is a well made platform with a twist, but most of all an original twist idea.. had never seen anything like this, so it had to be tried!
This one might not been the right one in terms of game play, but it's a risk you get when you're looking to do something new. Keep searching & trying! :)