Reviews for "You Are Disabled"

I know this game is supposed to be difficult, but when I play "spastic", it feels like my controls are being overridden by someone who is trying to kill me EVERY TIME! I've beaten this game with all disabilities, but your approach to "spastic" was so harsh that it wasn't even fun. For that, I'm afraid that I award you No Stars.

I also took the "shortcut" in "spastic", but I didn't get a different ending when I climbed the ladder. How do I get the secret medal because I'm not playing this game again unless I KNOW how to get it?

Kcori responds:

Why would you play a game again after you rated it 0/5 just to get a virtual medal?

it doesen't say how to change the disability

Great game despite being spastic/ nearly blind.

Very great game! I beat it with all medals, and llliterate and crippled aren't that bad. Splastic and nearly blind are worst.

I was about to go crazy in nearly blind especially last part and I don't spend a lot of effort in spastic except last part too :)

Good game !