Reviews for "You Are Disabled"

Although I understand what your trying to do with this game, it ends up coming off pretentious and in all honesty offensive to people who have actual disabilities. Half your list of disabilities (namely illiteracy and "spastic") are not disabilities by themselves; they are symptoms and indicators of a deeper-rooted problems. It would have helped if you had friends/family members/peers to base the story on because this overly dramatic game -- from the creative liberties you took to program each "disability" to the purple prose signs you have scattered throughout the game -- actually portrays the ignorance most people have towards the physically and mentally disabled community. I'm not critiquing the gameplay, I'm critiquing the purpose of the game. I commend you for trying to pull something quite ambitious off, but next time you need to do so with more humility.

I cant Jump

Haha, I kinda broke the game. At one level, I was Spastic, then I jumped on the roof, went the whole way, then through the ladder, and still lost. XD

Other that that little bug, it was a fun game. I can understand the bug since you only had 72 hours. ;)

So I loved this game I honestly did however the crippled part made me um....well i cried lol im kind of weak when it comes to emotions. This game is sad, and well developed so great job at it. I hope you continue to make video games

Really great game! I like the concept. But geez, the "spastic" condition...